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5 facts that prove Lavrov is correct when he says Ukraine is dancing to pipe of neo-Nazis

 5 facts that prove Lavrov is correct when he says Ukraine is dancing to pipe of neo-Nazis

Ukraines decision to block the adoption by the UN Security Council of a statement dedicated to the late Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin was a disgraceful act.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described Ukraines actions

I know how the UN works. I believe that [Ukraines] permantent representative would not do this on his own. This means that he was ordered to do it.

This is an example of their attitude to Russians and anyone who refuses to dance to pipe of neo-Nazis.

Lavrov knows whats up. Ukraine is a failed state, ruled by corrupt oligarchs, neocons like John McCain, and US funded neo-naziswhich makes the liberal lefts support for Ukraine all the more absurd.

Here are five facts that western main stream media outlets try to hide from their readers concerning Ukraine and its affinity for neo-nazi ideology.

1. Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the right wing nationalist party Svoboda and John McCain pal.

Even liberal left, Jeff Bezos owned Business Insider, that championed the US coup in Ukraine, could not avoid calling out McCain for his bromance with Tyahnybok

McCain was repeatedly photographed with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the right wing nationalist party Svoboda.

When it [Svoboda Party] was founded in 1995, the party called itself the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), and it had a swastika-like logo. While it eventually split from its more right wing members, the party remained focused on celebrating Ukrainian ethnic identity in opposition to Russia and Communism.

2. Ukraine nationalists march every year in Kiev to honor Stepan Bandera, a man who fought alongside Hitler and who many in Ukraine consider a hero.

3. Ukraines pride and joy fighting force is the Azov Battalion. A group that uses Nazi symbols.

4. Dmytro Yarosh, the former leader of the far-right Right Sector was instrumental in helping Victoria Nuland overthrow the Ukraine government.

Yarosh was the leader of the Brown Shirt Neo-Nazi paramilitary during the EuroMaidan protest movement. He has called for disbanding the Party of the regions and the Communist Party.

The Neo Nazi party also controls the judicial process with the appointment of Oleh Makhnitsky of the Svoboda party to the position of prosecutor-general of Ukraine. What kind of justice will prevail with a reknown Neo-Nazi in charge of the Prosecutors Office of Ukraine?

5. The Guardian tried cover its tracks, when an article it posted on the brave Ukraine women soldiers was riddled with nazi symbols and ideology.

The Keiser Reports Stacy Herbert called the Guardian out on their nazi supporting misstep. Embarrassing yes, but what was even worse was the Guardian trying to delete the evidence.

Of course, according to Western main stream media, there are no nazis in Ukraineyeah right!

The Guardian then moved to delete comments that pointed out their affinity for Nazi promotion and even began to change captions under the photos that highlighted the 1488 reference on the van. Stacy Herbert and her twitter followers were not gonna let the Guardian off that easy

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